How to choose Linux?

Important factors to know before starting with Linux.

How to choose Linux?

As Linux grows up nowadays, we can easily say that Linux is the Operating system for the future. Linux is fast, reliable, and very stable. It is good to use for professional and personal use.

But there are hundreds of Linux distros. Which leads to confusion for select the perfect distro. So I am here to help to find the correct one for you. Here are some points to consider.

1. Usage

One of the primary reasons to use Linux is that It makes some specific tasks easy for you. It mainly depends on the distro because some distros focused to do specific tasks.

Here are some distros:

  • Ubuntu: It is suitable for newcomers. It has pre-installed software by which it is ready to use. It is also a software development tool that is good for software developers.

  • Kali Linx: A very secure distro that comes with many IT security and penetration testing tools. It is suitable for the Cyber Security Field.

  • Arch Linux: A distro that has a minimum of pre-installed stuff. It is a very customized distro that feels like building your distro on the installation.

Now, you can use Linux for gaming also but I think windows is still better for gaming.

2. Software Support

Even if Linux can help you to deal with various problems but Linux also has a problem when it comes to supporting software.

It does not mean that Linux not having much software. But there are tons of distros, So there may be a case that some are in the early stage of development.

Generally, you can easily find an alternative to any software that you wanna use if it is not Linux but there can be a stability issue, and if you wanna use this software for your business. If you use anything for your business then you did want it to crash or create some problems.

3. Hardware Requirements

As the software industry grows up, It makes the software do more tasks and makes them heavy. Software needs new and good hardware to work properly which makes old hardware feels like trash.

So, Linux provides great Lightweight Distros which bring new life to your old PC. Most lightweight Linux distros run efficiently on PCs with less than 1GB of RAM and require a minimum of 8GB of disk space.

Here are some lightweight distros, you can check them out Linux Lite, Zorin Lite, MX Linux, Lubuntu, Puppy Linux, Manjaro XFCE and much more.

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4. Documentation and Community Support

It is important to check out the documentation provided on the distro's official page. Some of the important items that need to be documented are installation, setup, and general tutorials on how best to use the OS.

It is also important that the distro has a good community. It is good to have a large community where you can easily get support or answers to your problem.

Now it's easy to select Linux for you.

If you are still in confusion then you can follow my advice to use Ubuntu for straightforward to start with Linux. Some distros such as Zorin OS, Linux Mint, and elementary OS are specifically built to be easy for macOS and Windows users to transition to Linux. You can check them for a better GUI.