2022 Wrap up

In this blog, I'm gonna share my journey throughout the year. After thinking too much I finally decide to make this blog in documentary form.

About me

Hi, I'm a B.Tech third yr student from tier 3 college. I was always trying to do many things.

This blog contains what I did the whole year by division of month.

My year 2022

Jan -Fab

In Jan and Feb I did not do much, in this period I had my sem. exam.

During this period I learned C++ and did the HackerRank. After I started the CodeChef and give my first contest.


As I told you I am trying to do many things, this month I tried to do Domain Name Investing from nowhere. I purchased one domain and listed that on Sedo and other marketplaces.

I give my whole in this but I get nothing except the two learnings, 1- Everything needs time and patience. 2- Domain Investing also needs some funds to put in it. But I did have funds so I stopped it.


In this, I started the CS50 course "Web Programming with python". Also started DSA side by side. But more focus on the CS50.

I learned Django and a little bit of Javascript and make the assignment projects for the CS50.


This month, I learned Array and Strings and did the Leetcode problems on these topics.

This is the best month for DSA problems. Nothing much.


In July, I was overwhelmed by DSA then I started learning Javascript to learn the ReactJs. I also find Kunal for the first time then I got to know much more about OpenSource.

In late July I got some health issues because things did not go as you planned. then semester came again. And sadly my all time has gone.


Learning git and GitHub and trying the hands-on practice. Learning Recursion and practicing the problem again. Make my first pull request.

This month is the month in which my interest in open source increasing.


In this, I am pretty much active on GitHub. I create some projects and also take the part in Hactoberfest and make the pull request. But I admitted that I failed in Hacktoberfest.

But the best part is when someone collaborates with me on a project. Yes, the project is small but it is a great feeling.

Also, talk with some interesting people to take part in HackCBS. But here is also the same as previous our application did not select.


During this period, I learned Javascript and Start learning React. And create my Hashnode blog and write my first blog about Linux because I use Linux as my daily driver.


Before writing the blog I think, I have nothing to write in the blog then I start collecting data. I am not saying that it is very good. but this year has its meaning for getting started. I am feeling I am not stopping so close.

The idea of documenting my year helps to find my weakness and strength and give me a feeling of relief that I did some good things. And I promise to do better this year.

Thanks for being a part of my journey.